INTERMEDIATE – Accredited and Certified Course


Activate the wisdom and knowledge of your heart and soul as you connect with the Crystals and their energy of Divine Love. Rachelle’s intention for this powerful course is to encourage you to step fully into your power as a crystal healer.

This sacred workshop is an online course where you will be taken on a journey of healing as you connect to the crystalline energies. You will learn how to promote deep transformational healing for yourself and others.

Experience a Sacred Mer-Ka-Ba activation meditation connecting to a Cathedral Lightbrary Master crystal, exploring the higher realms to receive healing from the masters and angelic beings also activating the higher chakra system. Together we will create a scared healing space and send distance healing to our loved ones and the Earth. You will be taught step by step processes on how to facilitate a healing and you will discover which of Rachelle’s favorite crystals can be used to create a profound transformational experience.

The Intermediate online course will only be available to students who have completed the Crystal Awakening Foundation course. You will practice and experience several healing layouts throughout the course and start to get a true understanding of the power and magic of crystal healing.

If this inspires you and touches a place in your heart, Rachelle invites you to join her on this magical journey of inspiration, transformation, self discovery and healing.


  • Initiation and Activation of the 13 Chakra’s
  • Akashic Record Mediation
  • Master Crystals – connecting to the crystal Deva’s
  • Crystal Healing Processes, Inner Child and Chakra Balancing
  • Step by step guide to facilitate a Crystal healing
  • Expanded Heart Grid
  • The three waves of Healing
  • The Healing Ray Crystals
  • The Dynamic Healing Crystals
  • Receive and Facilitate two Crystal Healings
  • Certificate on completion of required healings outside the workshop
  • Extensive workbook manual

For all enquiries please contact Rachelle on  0415 282 086.

PLEASE NOTE: The Intensive workshop consists of the Foundation and Intermediate Workshops, run together over three days.


Level 1 & 2 Investment: $695

Includes Crystals the book valued at $27.99,
7 crystals and Intensive Manual.



  • Massage table (if you do not have one that will be fine as we need one table between two people and you can pair with someone)
  • Pillow and blanket for your comfort
  • Pen and paper
  • Plate of food for lunch (meat okay)
  • Tea and coffee will be provided however please bring your own water to drink


  • 3 x clear quartz – to program
  • 20 tumble stones to chose from for healings
  • 2 x Large Clear Quartz Points or Generators (size of your palm or bigger)
  • 2 x Small Clear Quartz Points or Generators ( to fit in the hands)
  • 2 x clear quartz wands or points
  • 2 x large hematite

We understand that some of you are new to crystal healing and
will not have the listed crystals to bring. That is fine you can work
with our ones in the workshop and then you will know what to purchase
after the fact.

We will also have a selection of  crystals to purchase on the day.


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086