7 Day Live In Retreat – Accredited and Certified Workshops


For all booking please click here Includes all 3 workshops, required materials, vegetarian food and accommodation at 5 star eco retreat Limited to 20 participants.

To secure your place an $500 deposit is required upon booking and full payment is required 6 weeks before the retreat commences. Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to booking.

Join Australian renowned crystal shaman Rachelle Charman, on this deeply transformative retreat in Crystal Shamanism.

 Join Rachelle for 5 days of self discovery as you immerse yourself in her powerful and inspiring Crystal Shamanism workshops. Learn to hear the loving whispers of wisdom from Mother Earth and discover her healing medicines. Discover, connect and align with your animal spirit guide and the crystals of the Earth, allowing you to be supported, loved and guided in your journey here on the Earth.

Working deeply with the Crystal Kingdom you will embark on a self awakening healing journey opening to profound Shamanic medicine. This retreat is perfect for those who would like to receive deep healing for themselves and if called to work with others on their path sharing this healing gift.

Rachelle will be collaborating with some powerful healers and medicine people who are Masters in their field to bring a depth that will transform the soul. You will be guided on a powerful and life enhancing journey into dance, ceremony, music and healing on many levels…..
Come join us for this sacred and magical journey of AWAKENING …..

Re-awaken the shamanic wisdom within. Experience and connect to the sacred medicine of the Earth as you learn the tools to integrate this knowledge into your daily life.

For all enquiries please contact Rachelle on 0415 282 086 or email


128 Bonnydoon Road, Uki, NSW, 2484,

Positioned on 46ha (113 acres) of secluded naturally undulating rainforest with stunning views of Wollumbin / Mt Warning (UNESCO World Heritage national Park). Gymea Eco Retreat is positioned right in the heart of Australia’s Green Cauldron, one of Australia’s iconic landscapes identified as the creative and spiritual heartland of Australia.

part of Australia is being described as a mysterious melting pot of
rich volcanic earth, deep green rainforest, breathtaking scenery,
shining blue waters, rare Gondwana (prehistoric) rainforest and powerful
land and mountains.


  • Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and
    Dinner – please supply your own additional snacks – due to the already
    full workload in the kitchen creating meals for large groups of people,
    we ask that you be mindful and understanding when it comes to the food.
    We do understand that people have very bad reactions to certain foods.
    If this is a medical problem for you, please let us know and we can
    cater for your needs. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Tea, Coffee and water will be supplied
  • Shared Accommodation – please know
    that the rooms can not be locked however we are on a property in nature.
    No one walks in from the street however please only bring what you need
    to the retreat.
  • All materials for drum
  • Your bed linen will be supplied by Gunnebah retreat centre
  • All workshops ( Crystal Shamanism Level1 and 2 and Drum Making ) and teachings
  • Workbooks
  • Karim- who will be offering everyone an amazing private healing session and a group ceremony
  • Muz Kyle – offering a wonderful music concert and sound bath
  • Daily Yoga – Facilitated by Karim
  • Dance Event – Facilitated by Natalie from Chakra Dance
  • Cacao Ceremony – Facilitated by Jemma
  • Visit to the Crystal Castle
  • and much much more …..



  • Awaken to the deep knowledge of working with the Sacred Healing Medicine of the Drum. Discover your own innate Shamanic
  • Wisdom allowing you to connect to the ancient art of weaving and creating this Sacred Medicine tool.
  • Allow yourself to be chosen and guided by the hide of the Sacred Animal that has given itself for this creation so that a new life can be birthed from the old.
  • The Sacred Animal and its spirit is honoured through deep Shamanic Ceremony and the infusion of Sacred Herbs, Waters, Crystals, Divine Love and Gratitude.
  • The Drum is a Sacred Medicine tool created to connect us back to ourselves, the rhythm of our own heart beat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • The Drum beat is the first sound we hear upon our creation within the womb. When we play or hear the beating of the Drum it guides us to this sacred place, the womb of the Mother-the ultimate resting place where we connect, heal, balance and nurture ourselves connecting deeply to our own heart.
  • Each drum is infused with divine crystal energy.



  • A sacred ceremony to activate and awaken your inner shamanic wisdom.
  • Be guided on a powerful healing meditation into a crystal cave deep within the earth
  • Learn what Shamanism is in today society.
  • Participate in a sacred cleansing ceremony working with herbs and crystals
  • Learn the basics of crystals, cleansing, programming and connecting to the crystal kingdom.
  • Activate the essence and power of your crystals.
  • Understand the medicine of the earth and her power tools.
  • Discover and journey to the three worlds of Shamanism and the crystals that assist in connecting us to each realm.
  • Connect to your crystal power totem
  • Learn how to facilitate crystal soul retrieval process
  • Experience a Mother Earth walk to discover your power tool and gift from the earth.
  • Allow yourself to be taken on a sacred drum journey to discover your animal spirit guide and blow it’s spirit into your crystal to enhance your connection.
  • Trance drum journey to the moon to receive healing and guidance.
  • Learn how to retrieve a power animal or Crystal Spirit for other to assist in healing
  • Finish your day in shamanic dance ritual as you dance and integrate your animal spirit guide into your physical body and your crystal.



  • A sacred shamanic ceremony of transformation, letting go of the old and making way for newness in your life.
  • Be guided into deep meditative experiences to reclaim your hidden wisdom, gifts and power as you embrace your shadow and learn to truly love and accept yourself.
  • The secrets of the shadow and the gifts of healing that it brings. Connect to and embody the powerful crystals that assist us in the integration of our shadow.
  • Experience powerful new crystal grids layouts that have never been shared before.
  • Embody and experience the five elements, Spirit, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth as you are guided on a powerful mediation to connect to the crystals that correspond to each element and how to implement the crystals into your healings.
  • Learn a powerful life changing healing process in crystal soul retrieval as you will be given the opportunity to facilitate and receive this powerful healing process to share with others in your healing practice.
  • Experience a powerful and sacred ceremony to meet grandmother crystal deva as you receive her love and wisdom.
  • Learn advanced cord cutting techniques working with the ancient healing crystals and the lords of karma.
  • Discover and learn a Powerful feather healing process, gifted by the spirit of the eagle.
  • Understand how we carry our family’s karma and learn powerful practitioner processes on releasing old ancestral patterns and healing old family wounds as we connect deeply with the healing energy and wisdom of the Crystal Kingdom.
  • Receive and facilitate a new dynamic healing processes connecting deeply with the crystal kingdom and earth medicine, working with breathe and sound to amplify the healing experience. You will be guided on a Trance journey into a sacred cave in spirit to receive guidance and a gift from someone special in the spirit world.
  • Certificate and accredited course. You will receive a certificate after you have completed 6 healings outside the workshop space.


  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Swimmers
  • Comfortable Clothes – check weather report before you pack and make sure to bring the appropriate clothes for the weather.
  • Clothes for Yoga and our Dance night (comfortable )
  • Walking Shoes
  • Torch
  • Pen and paper
  • Pillow to sit on in room and blanket for your comfort


Crystal Shamanism Workshop Level 1 –

  • 3 x clear quartz – to program
  • Shaman stones or Galena
  • Selenite
  • 2 x Favourite crystals ( ones you would like a deeper connection with )
  • Moonstone

Crystal Shamanism Workshop Level 2 – 

  • Sage and Feather and shell or bowl to hold sage
  • You will be doing two full healings so please bring about 20 tumble stones to choose from when healing
  • 2 x Large ( size of your palm or bigger) clear quartz point
  • 2 x Small ( no larger than your palm) clear quartz points
  • 2 x clear quartz wands
  • 2 x hematite
  • 1 of the following crystal – Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Nuumite, Cuprite, Jet or Shungite
  • 1 x Elestial (Awakening Crystal)
  • 2 x Clear Quartz for Programming
  • 1 x Red Jasper
  • 1 Aquamarine
  • 1 Sunstone
  • 1 Labradorite
  • 1 Selenite
  • 1 Laser Wand
  • 1 Amber
  • 1 Petrified Wood

We understand that some of you are new to crystal healing and will not have the listed crystals to bring. That is fine you can work with our ones in the workshop and then you will know what to purchase after the fact. We will also have a selection of crystals to purchase on the day. 

I know most of you are coming from Interstate and bringing a huge amount of crystals can be an issue for your luggage. Please know you can purchase or lend my crystals at the retreat. Make sure to bring some of your favourite even if its a couple.

GUEST Presenters:

Natalie Southgate – Chakra Dance 

Natalie will be facilitating our sacred dance night.

Natalie Southgate is the creator of Chakradance. She conceived of it and created it when living in London in 1998, and has been refining and growing it ever since. She is passionate about how dance, music, mandalas and the chakras can help people discover a deeper connection to their true selves, helping them find happier, more balanced lives.

As well as leading Chakradance, Natalie is a trained healer and psychotherapist, author, co-creator of Inamojo (Chakradance for children) and mother to two beautiful souls. She has run workshops at Deepak Chopra’s Center in California, led thousands through Chakradance at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive courses, and runs regular workshops across the world.

Natalie will be joining us to guide us through a 2 hour workshop from her new series called ‘Freedom’


Karim will be facilitating one on one healings, yoga and sacred ceremony. 

Karim is regarded across Australia as a gifted practitioner of bodywork and healing and for over 15 years has been offering a very deep level of presence, love and service..

He offers bodywork that is profoundly transformative and empowering within the physical, psycho-spiritual and transpersonal realms.

Karim is also a  qualified group facilitator and  trains and mentors many students in the healing arts


Jemma will be facilitating our sacred cacao ceremony 

“Cacao Spirit Medicina”with Jemma is a safe and gentle, yet deep and profoundly transformative healing journey. It’s very inclusive so even people that have no experience with ceremony feel very comfortable and welcome.

Together we work in Ceremony with the Spirit of the Cacao in deep honour and respect of all Ancient Traditions. Jemma is deeply reverent to the Wisdom of all Indigenous peoples from around the World, and especially works with the wisdom of Andean Path, the Cosmology of the Inca of Peru. She has extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and spends many months a year learning from her Maestros in Peru and taking guided groups on an annual Spiritual Pilgrimage into the Andes Mountains across the Winter Solstice.

Jemma feels that Ceremony is a Celebration of Life.  That our connection to the Earth, Each other and especially to ourselves is missing in our busy modern lives. Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to the Universal Beings and Pacha Mama that support us through Ceremony, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature which is Infinite LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM.

This giving and receiving brings us to remembering that we are Powerful Beings of Light, Masterful Co Creators. And that when we liberate ourselves from anything that holds us back, we remember that we are Limitless! This is something many of us have forgotten and so gathering together in Community, Ceremony and Celebration (as our ancestors did and many indigenous nations still do) can help us to ‘wake up’ and remember the Truth of who we really are. Then, we are unstoppable!

The drinking of the Ceremonial Cacao and inviting in its Spirit, helps to facilitate the opening of the channels and energy centres in the body to deepen the process and allow us to ‘see’ what we need to see and empowers us to move forward creatively with change.


Murray will be providing beautiful songs that heal the heart and enrich the spirit.

From a musical journey with no beginning and no end comes the prophetic poetry of Murray Kyle, an established troubadour with over 15 years of performing straight from the heart to endearing audiences around the globe.

The powerfully tender performances of this esteemed songwriter have established him in the Australian roots music scene and beyond, as a highly respected musician sowing his seeds of inspiration into this world.

Hailing from the tiny town of Uki in Northern NSW, his Earth honouring music celebrates our common thread, and inspires connection and positive empowerment. A multi-instrumentalist, Murray’s songwriting deepened as he travelled the world and added guitar, yidaki, ngoni, woodwinds and percussion to his trained piano skills.

His fourth album was released on 12/12/12, entitled Mountain Song. Written, recorded and produced in the creative epicenter of Northern NSW, this album blends a mystical shamanic sound with devotional soul, traditional chanting, and positive roots vibes. Mastered by the renowned Michael Worthington, Mountain Song takes the listener on a journey into the heart, with soaring vocals and free flowing lyrics to enliven these turbulent times. It is the coming of age of Murray Kyle, igniting his flame within the Australian music industry.

From festival stages to intimate events, Murray’s performances are soundscapes of passionate storytelling that uplift and connect the audience. He has toured the coasts of Australia, is well known for his vocals in the electronic fusion group Mystic Beats and has shared stages with the likes of Trevor Hall, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Saritah, and Oka. Murray’s sound has graced the stages of major Australian festivals including Peats Ridge, Earth Frequency, Woodford Folk Festival, Island Vibe, Rainbow Serpent and Byron Spirit, as well as international events on the west coast of the USA, Hawaii, the UK and Bali.

For more information, CDs, photos or interviews, contact: Murray Kyle: +61 429476326

www.murraykyle.com | 

7 Day Live In Retreat – Accredited and Certified Workshops


For all booking please click here Includes all 3 workshops, required materials, vegetarian food and accommodation at 5 star eco retreat Limited to 20 participants.

To secure your place an $500 deposit is required upon booking and full payment is required 6 weeks before the retreat commences. Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to booking.



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