The Academy of Crystal Awakening is foundered on the passion and love of crystal healing and the birth right to heal through the deep connection to the medicines of the Earth. It was birthed in the year 2000 from my deep love and connection to the Crystal Kingdom. Over the years my vison expanded to offer others an oppertunity to come on board and share their love and passion of crystal healing. We now have accredited teachers who share their heartfelt wisdom and love through teaching and thousands of students all over Australia. We are constantly growing, evolving and expanding with new workshops and processes that have been gifted to humanity for our transformation and journey back to love. Our accredited teachers facilitate the Crystal Awakening Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced workshops and Rachelle the Founder of the Academy facilitates the Crystal Shamanism and Drum Making workshops which are the most recent teachings and information channeled through from the Crystal Kingdom.

The Academy’s vision is to hold sacred space where people can drop into their own love and wisdom and bring about an awakening of ones own healing abilities and gifts. We believe that everything we need to know lies within and we are all healers at heart. The key to being a successful healer is to tap into this wisdom and the gifts that we already have within us. When deeply connecting to and unlocking this powerful healing energy one can start to truly walk a life filled with self love and empowerment.

The Academy is the only organization in Australia that offers a accredited diploma in crystal healing and crystal shamanism, consisting of a range of workshops to connect with the medicines of the earth to receive profound healing and balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Our workshops are designed to offer all the information, support and tools you require to step onto the path as a crystal healing practitioner as you offer healing to others. You can also attend the workshops for your own personal healing or both. All workshops have been gifted from Grandmother Crystal Deva and created by Rachelle Charman and are birthed from her own personal experience and journey with the crystal kingdom. Grandmother Crystal Deva has worked with Rachelle for life times and is the overseer of the crystal kingdom.

Rachelle has been a channel and voice for grandmother crystal Deva, keeper of the ancient wisdom and overseer of the crystal kingdom, for manylifetimes and is feeling the calling from the devas more powerfully than ever before. She is witnessing mass transformation and potent healing occurring at the hands of the crystal kingdom. Rachelle invites those who have been called as healers to now step forward. Align to your divine path and embrace your power and gifts as a healer and shaman on this journey towards universal love and oneness.

We would like to invite you to come and share in one or all of our workshops as you embark on this sacred journey of awakening your healing gifts and transform through the healing energy of the Crystal kingdom and Earth medicine.


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086