The following people and powerful healers are all qualified teachers of the academy of crystal awakening and trained exclusively by Rachelle Charman, Australia’s renowned crystal shaman. Rachelle is the Academy’s founder and principal.

Rachelle and her teachers have worked closely together to be able to deliver dynamic high quality teachings from the crystal kingdom. All teachers have been trained to teach the academy’s popular Crystal Awakening Workshops levels 1, 2, 3 which is part of the Academy’s Diploma.

The Academy also has Advanced Teachers. These teachers have been trained to facilitate Crystal Shamanism Level 1 and 2 workshops, Crystal Oracle Card and drum making workhshops. This accreditaion allows them to teach and offer the complete diploma. 

Each teacher creates and holds their own unique space bringing their inspirational gifts and talents to the workshops. They all come from a strong background in spirituality and healing and offer workshops Australia wide.

Please look through the teachers bios and workshop locations and dates allow your intuition to guide you to the teacher that is right for you.


Bobbie Powe WA

Advanced Teacher and Retreat Manager 

Bobbie’s mission in this life time is to teach and assist people to not only discover the love and light in themselves but to empower them to find their soul purpose in this journey called life. to empower others and herself with the amazing healing modalities our Earth and Universe has to offer us all, so that the journey is a little easier to travel.
Bobbie has had a love for crystals since she was a little girl, collecting rocks, gems always feeling a connection and not understanding what that connection was until she grew older. Bobbie has a deep love for Mother Earth and finding a balance between the shamanic calling From the Earth and her love for what is beyond our planet and Universe always a challenge but a challenge she welcomes and enjoys.

Address: Mandurah, WA 6210 Australia
Phone: 0419 849 040


Leisa Kelly – Soul Magick – VIC 

Advanced Teacher 

My purpose in this lifetime is to shine my light as bright as possible so that others may also shine theirs too.

My love for crystals and all things nature began as a young girl. Like many of us I collected crystals, rocks, sticks, shells and feathers – I still do! I connect deeply with animals and water. Without them I do not feel whole. It really wasn’t until my inner shaman was awakened that I truly understood, and remembered what my journey was all about.

I’ve been a teacher (adults) for a very long time – sharing my knowledge and passion is something so very special to me. Nothing compares to seeing the look in people’s eyes when they remember who they are; they’re inspired and even transformed, and know that there are others out there just like them. The glow that an awakened soul has is amazing.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a long time and am so humble to be able to share this journey with my clients and students. I operate my healing business from Geelong, Victoria and travel around Australia facilitating the powerful and life changing Crystal Awakening and Crystal Shamanism workshops.

Phone: 0412 072 150





Lorraine’s Workshop Dates  

Sacred Medicine Drum Workshops  – Saturday 9th November – Millthorpe 


Crystal Awakening Foundation – Sat 26th October – Millthorpe 


Crystal Awakening Intermediate – Sun 27th and Mon 28th October – Millthorpe


Crystal Shamanism Level 1 – 10th and 11th November – Millthorpe  


Lorraine Gardiner –  NSW

Advanced Teacher 

Lorraine @ Nymea Academy
I’ve spent many years working with crystals; a passion that was ignited when I was gifted a beautiful Herkimer Diamond pendant more 20 years ago.
This started a journey into learning more about the healing possibilities our Earth has to offer us and have spent many years training in different modalities such as Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy, Crystal vibrational therapy, TFH kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Australian Bush Flower, Liquid Crystal and Starchild essences. I have completed a Diploma in Crystal Shamanism and an Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine.
I also love creating my Nymea range of wellness products and, when I get a chance, making shaman and crystal tools. 
Meeting my mentor Rachelle Charman has led to many beautiful experiences and a grounded spiritual outlook and I now feel ready to share my knowledge with others and guide people on a journey to reconnect with their soul and to embrace their life purpose here on earth.
I have a deep desire for humanity to understand how they can empower themselves and discover that they are not helpless, that earth has provided all we need to be happy and whole, and it’s just that sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of truly experiencing our divine right to shine. 

Address: Millthorpe NSW 2798
Phone: 0401374504

Jenny Boffa SA

Advanced Teacher 

Crystal Awakening – Accredited Teacher – Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
Crystal Awakening – Accredited Practitioner – Diploma of Crystal Awakening
Crystal Shamanism – Accredited Practitioner

Address: 66 Wellington Ave, Sellicks Beach 5174 Australia
Time:9-6 Mon- Fri and by appointment
Phone: 0411 962 874



Jennifer Hall

Advanced Teacher 

I have a passion in healing and teacher others to access their own ability to heal. My list of training & techniques hold a wealth of knowledge that I love to share. I’ve trained in several healing modalities but resonating with massage, Reiki, Access Bars and of course I’m passionate  about Crystals and Crystal healing.  

Jen Hall of Soul Whisper Therapies

Address: Melbourne VIC

phone: 0432448353



  Kelly’s Workshops  in Essendon

Crystal Awakening Foundation and Intermediate 

8-10th November 2019

7-9 February 2020

3-5th April 2020

 10-12th July 2020 

Crystal Awakening Advanced 

1 December, 6th June 2020 and 17th October  





Kelly McGivern – Sacred Sistah – Melbourne 

Kelly McGivern is Sacred Sistah, an intuitive healer and teacher assisting you to look within to heal painful emotions and transform to a place of deep inner healing.  She uses a variety of modalities including crystal healing, shamanic healing and oracle card reading.  She connects with Spirit to bring through healing messages that provide guidance and answers and holds you in a loving and safe space so that you yourself can heal what needs to be healed.

Kelly is an accredited teacher with the Academy of Crystal Awakening and holds regular workshops teaching Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Crystal Awakening.

Phone: 0410 343 079



Adam Chamberlain – My Soul Star Healing – Gold Coast 

Put simply I am here to Do Me! To be the best version of myself that I can be; continuing to raise my vibration and align to The Divine! This is my Birth-right – as it is every bodies! In essence this is the Healing Journey we are All here to do. My purpose is to support you on your Journey.

I first met the Crystal Kingdom some 30 years ago in a Crystal Shop where I was introduced to a beautiful Quartz specimen. I have journeyed with Crystals ever since; not always understanding their Medicine but always appreciating their diversity and beauty! A deeper awakening began for me in 2015 when I was introduced to Rachelle at a Medicine Drum Workshop; an encounter which reminded me that there are no coincidences because I met that day a Teacher, a Mentor and a Friend.

I am both proud and honoured to be a Practitioner and Facilitator with the Academy; my Journey with Rachelle and All the beautiful Souls I have met along the way have helped me to see my Light and shine it bright. 

My first career was in Education; something I am very passionate about. I see Education as Empowerment and feel I have come full circle on my Journey now offering this through Shamanism and The Crystal Kingdom. In Sacred Space I offer you the opportunity to reclaim your Power and Awaken the Wisdom which has always resided deep in your Soul. Now is your time to Shine!

Phone: 0415 940 817







Samantha  Collins  – Samatha Soul Healing – SA

Samantha is a highly skilled energy healer,medium and guide with a deep understanding and knowledge of Ancient Egyptian energy, Crystal Awakening, Crystal Shamanism, Angel Miracles and Divination to name a few modalities.
She shares her knowledge openly in a safe and loving space, guiding you to connect and awaken your deep and ancient knowing.
Samantha travels extensively overseas and has taught her workshops all around Australia. She is a soul filled with divine love, compassion and truth, ready to help all who come to her.
Samantha entered this world physically aware and fully connected to source and honed her skills, knowledge and gifts at a very young age being fortunate enough to have some wonderful teachers  and mentors who have helped her along the way.
Samantha’s workshops are filled with a divine and delicious energy from the Angelic, Crystal and Galactic realms. She is ready and willing to show you the way, all that is waiting is for you to walk forward and open the door.
Phone: 0415 797 189 
Located:  Craigmore South Australia

Nicki Corcoran QLD

I have always felt connected to the Cosmos and the Earth, so my mission is to help people connect to their heart through the alignment of Mother Earth’s heart and the Cosmic heart. I love to create a space where people can come together in a safe environment and grow and expand in a loving space. My mission is to assist others on their journey of healing and soul growth. When I heard about Rachelle Charman I just had to do her courses and as my journey began with the Crystal Kingdom it only made sense to continue on with the teacher training course. Rachelle has the most beautiful heart and is such an inspiration to everyone she meets. So I felt compelled to pass on her crystal wisdom and what she taught me.
I am passionate about teaching others about the Crystal Kingdom and how everyone can utilise these Sacred Earth tools to assist and heal ourselves, others and the planet.

Address: Moranbah Queensland 4744 Australia
Phone: 0407 346 751

Michelle Povey SA

Advanced Teacher 

Ever since I was a kid I loved being outside. I would always sit in the sun on the lawn, and watch the
clouds float by. I loved flowers and nature. Even as a young child, I sensed there was more to Nature.
Each plant, flower, rock held a different energy and a different message.
Michelle’s mission is to expand and grow her knowledge and wisdom for the enlightenment of all humanity, planting the seeds and vibrations of a new Earth based on love, peace and happiness. She envisions a world in which there is no pain or suffering.

Address: 1295 North East Rd, Tea Tree Gully SA 5091 Australia
Phone: 0412 392 669

Sharon Shelley VIC

Advanced Teacher 

Sharon’s mission is to hold a loving and open space for people to expand their heart, indulge their body and align their soul with their life path and journey.
Sharon is a passionate and powerful crystal healer, teacher and shamanic intuitive. Her work is guided by the crystal kingdom and her deep connection with totemism, she works intuitively and is guided by lifetimes of deep healing wisdom. Sharon owns a thriving spiritual business and shop in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and facilitates her healing work from this space. Sharon has completed the Academy of Crystal Awakening Diploma and is also a Reiki practitioner.

Address: 4 Graham St, Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340 Australia
Phone: 0408 282 458

Mandy Heritage

Advanced Teacher 

My mission is to inspire people to connect with mother earth and the beautiful crystals to help enable them to heal.  Ultimately I want to teach each person how to heal themselves by connecting with mother earth, the crystals, the angels, the elementals and the love and light that flows all around us, through us and from our hearts.
I want people to realise that we are all one, all connected and by healing each single person we are essentially healing the planet, healing our beautiful mother, mother earth. The crystals are a tool which we use to enable this healing and they increase our vibration to release the stored toxic emotions within us. My mission is to inspire people to connect with mother earth and the beautiful crystals to help enable them to heal.
Ultimately I want to teach each person how to heal themselves by connecting with mother earth, the crystals, the angels, the elementals and the love and light that flows all around us, through us and from our hearts.

Address: Brisbane, QLD 4000 Australia
Phone: 0404 300 204




Vicki Elliot – NSW

Advanced Teacher  

Vicki has studied and worked extensively in the holistic area, with qualifications and many years of experience as Practitioner and Teacher in personal and spiritual development – NLP Life & Business Coach, Angel Intuitive, Psychic Channel, Reiki Master Teacher, Resonate Advanced Practitioner – Emotion Kinesiology Balancing and Essences, Kinergetics Practitioner, Medium, Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual Development Teacher, Academy of Crystal Awakening Advanced Teacher in Crystal Awakening, Crystal Shamanism & Crystal Oracle Card workshops.

She draws on her highly developed intuitive and healing abilities, extensive life and business experience and coaching skills to personally guide, heal, empower and motivate her clients to realise and reach their full potential. Her honest, caring and pragmatic approach supports others to identify and heal blocks, trauma and patterning; understand life situations; explore options; and relationship dynamics; to navigate life as they reconnect with divine essence.

As a teacher, Vicki is dedicated to helping others to understand, accept and work with their gifts for self-acceptance, self-empowerment and to create a life they love. 

Business: Heavenly Healing Holistic Centre

Address: Suite G14/25 Solent Circuit, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

Time:   By appointment only

Phone: 0408 494 057






Katies Workshops

Crystal Awakening Intermediate

21st and 22nd March 2020

23rd and 24th May 2020 
















Katie Mitchell – Holistic Crystal Connections – North Qld


Holistic Crystal Connections offers crystal and energy therapies assisting you to connect to your passion, purpose and sense of Self to transform and shine your true Inner Light.



I feel my purpose is to assist others to be at peace and to help to connect to themselves again. To find your passion and purpose to enable you to Shine your Inner Light, help you to heal You and enjoy your life. Enabling you to bloom as the unique flower that is You, the true authentic You.

Phone: 0429 01 5454

Yasmin Christensen  – Yassy Mae Healing – Brisbane 


I am a certified Reiki and Crystal Shamanic practitioner as well as a Teacher with the Academy. I believe we are ALL here for a purpose. The way forward is to make peace and heal ourselves so that we can help others on their path. Crystals help us to align with that deep healing. I love that you can connect with the crystal kingdom spiritually and scientifically. I have always been intrigued about worlds within worlds and the crystal kingdom certainly nurtures that idea. I like to discover how things work and how they came to be, which these workshops explore and embrace on a holistic level. Crystals have always been and still are a part of my daily life, they are like family.

My healing business is Yassy Mae Healing


Phone: 0450 127 927



Janet and Rachael – Empowered Soul Journeys – Canberra 

Janet & Rachael – Empowered Soul Journeys – Shamanic & Crystal Facilitators – Canberra
We are a mother and daughter team and love to share and create joy to all we come in contact with. The crystal kingdom has been apart of our lives for the past 30 years and was for a majority of those years for our personal collections of pretties and general hoarding. Embarking on our teacher accreditation we have had an “awakening” to the properties and uses of most of our collection and continue to learn and discover how to work with them. Our healings are now more integrated with our knowledge and we provide a unique and powerful healing modality through duel healings.
As teachers of the academy we aspire to spread love and light and enlighten people to the crystal kingdom and assist them to “awaken” the healer that’s already within. We are honoured and humbled to be able to share our knowledge with everyone. We endeavour to share and learn from our clients through providing a dedicated service that comes from the heart space. 
Mobile: 0403 935 206


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086