The Academy of Crystal Awakening is excited to offer 3 transformational retreats. One in Crystal Awakening and 2 in Crystal Shamanism. 

The Crystal Awakening Retreat  consists of 4 workshops, running back to back over the five days. The Crystal Awakening Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and the Crystal Healing Oracle workshops.

The Crystal Shamanism Retreat  consists of 3 workshops. The Crystal Shamanism level 1, 2 and a Sacred Medicine Drum Making workshop.

The Advanced Shamanism Retreat consists of Level 3 Shamanism.

All retreats are facilitated by Rachelle Charman herself.  She collaborates with some powerful healers and medicine people to create a powerful and life transformation experience for each participant.

Each retreat offers a variety of special events including morning yoga, a sound workshop, music concert,  dance night, one on one healing, cacao ceremony and much much more ……..

Workshops are provided in this intensive format so people can obtain the Diploma at a faster rate and do not have to wait months between workshops.

There are an abundance of benefits to running workshops as retreats. One being the opportunity to stay in the sacred space that is created where the energy builds each day assisting in a more powerful and deeper healing experience.


Rachelle Charman, Australia’s renowned crystal shaman on this deeply transformative retreat in Crystal Shamanism.

In these reatreats you will taek a journey of self discovery as you immerse yourself in her powerful and inspiring Crystal Shamanism workshops. Learn to hear the loving whispers of wisdom from Mother Earth and discover her healing medicines. Discover, connect and align with your animal spirit guide and the crystals of the Earth, allowing you to be supported, loved and guided in your journey here on the Earth.

Re-awaken the shamanic wisdom within. Experience and connect to the sacred medicine of the Earth as you learn the tools to integrate this knowledge into your daily life. Limited places available.




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