2 Day Accredited and Certified Workshop

Join Rachelle in this two day inspiring and powerful workshop in Crystal Shamanism. Learn to hear the loving whispers of wisdom from Mother Earth and discover her healing medicines. Discover, connect and align with your animal spirit guide and the crystals of the Earth, allowing you to be supported, loved and guided in your journey here on the Earth.

Re-awaken the shamanic wisdom within. Experience and connect to the sacred medicine of the Earth as you learn the tools to integrate this knowledge into your daily life.

Rachelle embodies the wisdom and teachings of Mother Earth and lives in divine and sacred union with her. She is a dynamic and passionate teacher paving the way for others to reconnect to their own innate shamanic wisdom.

Rachelle invites you to join her for this powerful two day workshop and awaken to the organic flow of the Earth.


  • A sacred ceremony to activate and awaken your inner shamanic wisdom.
  • Be guided on a powerful healing meditation into a crystal cave deep within the earth
  • Learn what Shamanism is  in today society.
  • Participate in a sacred cleansing ceremony working with herbs and crystals
  • Learn the basics of crystals, cleansing, programming and connecting to the crystal kingdom.
  • Activate the  essence and power of your crystals.
  • Understand the medicine of the earth and her power tools.
  • Discover and journey to the three worlds of Shamanism and the crystals that assist in connecting us to each realm.
  • Connect to your crystal power totem
  • Learn how to facilitate crystal soul retrieval process
  • Experience a Mother Earth walk to discover your power tool and gift from the earth.
  • Allow yourself to be taken on a sacred drum journey to discover your animal spirit guide and blow it’s spirit into your crystal to enhance your connection.
  • Trance  drum journey to the moon to receive healing and guidance.
  • Learn how to retrieve a power animal or Crystal Spirit  for other to assist in healing
  • Finish your day in shamanic dance ritual as you dance and integrate your animal spirit guide into your physical body and your crystal.
    For all enquiries please contact Rachelle on 0415 282 086

Investment: $495


  • Pillow and blanket for your comfort
  • Pen and paper
  • Plate of food for lunch (meat okay)
  • Tea and coffee will be provided however please bring your own water
  • Medicine Drum – if you have one


  • 3 x clear quartz – to program
  • Shaman stones or Galena Selenite
  • 3 x Favourite crystals  (ones you would like a deeper connection with)
  • Moonstone

We understand that you could be new to crystal healing and will not have the listed crystals to bring. That is fine you can work with ours, then you will know what to purchase after the workshop.

There will be a selection of crystals to purchase on the day.


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086