2 Day Accredited and Certified Workshop

Join Rachelle in this two day inspiring and powerful workshop in Crystal Shamanism. This newly inspired workshop has been created from Rachelle’s personal journey with the Crystal Kingdom and Earth Medicine. Over the last few years Rachelle has had profound experiences and healing working deeply with the earth and her medicine and in this two day workshop shares all her personal healing tools and wisdom.

Working deeply with the Crystal Kingdom you will embark on a self awakening healing journey opening to profound Shamanic medicine. This workshop is open for those who would like to receive deep healing for themselves and if called to work with others on their path sharing this healing gift.

The Level 2 Workshop will only be available to students who have completed the Crystal Shamanism Level 1 Workshop. Rachelle invites you to join her for this powerful two day workshop to reconnect you to your own innate shamanic wisdom.


  • A sacred shamanic ceremony of transformation, letting go of the old and making way for newness in your life.
  • Be guided into deep meditative experiences to reclaim your hidden wisdom, gifts and power as you embrace your shadow and learn to truly love and accept yourself.
  • The secrets of the shadow and the gifts of healing that it brings. Connect to and embody the powerful crystals that assist us in the integration of our shadow.
  • Experience powerful new crystal grids layouts that have never been shared before.
  • Embody and experience the five elements, Spirit, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth as you are guided on a powerful mediation to connect to the crystals that correspond to each element and how to implement the crystals into your healings.
  • Learn a powerful life changing healing process in crystal soul retrieval as you will be given the opportunity to facilitate and receive this powerful healing process to share with others in your healing practice.
  • Experience a powerful and sacred ceremony to meet grandmother crystal deva as you receive her love and wisdom.
  • Learn advanced cord cutting techniques working with the ancient healing crystals and the lords of karma.
  • Discover and learn a Powerful feather healing process, gifted by the spirit of the eagle.
  • Understand how we carry our family’s karma and learn powerful practitioner processes on releasing old ancestral patterns and healing old family wounds as we connect deeply with the healing energy and wisdom of the Crystal Kingdom.
  • Receive and facilitate a new dynamic healing processes connecting deeply with the crystal kingdom and earth medicine, working with breathe and sound to amplify the healing experience. You will be guided on a Trance journey into a sacred cave in spirit to receive guidance and a gift from someone special in the spirit world.
  • Certificate and accredited course. You will receive a certificate after you have completed the requested healings outside the workshop space.

PLEASE NOTE: The Level 2 Workshop will only be available to students who have completed the Crystal Shamanism Level 1 Workshop.


Investment: $495


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086