The Bobstar – Bobbie Powe – Retreat Production Manager

Bobbie bobstar is one of the Academy’s dynamic shining stars  and a true gift to this world. We are truly grateful and blessed to have her on the team.
As Rachelle’s right hand woman on retreats worldwide, Bobbie overseas the production operations, student support and crdination during these amazing life changing experiences.
She holds a sacred space of pure unconditional love and brings with her an abundance of wisdom of the crystal kingdom and embodiment of deep compassion, kindness and understanding.
Bobbie holds the diploma in crystal awakening and is one of the first trained teachers of the academy of crystal awakening personally trained by rachelle.She resides in beautiful Perth in WA.

Loki – AKA Mr Kisses – Production Manager

Loki overseas the academy’s day to day production. He has his nose in
everything that is going on at all times and is constantly on alert.
He makes sure Rachelle takes the required breaks as per legislation
and gets the required amount of excersise she needs to run the academy
from a place of clarity and balance. His tasks include supervising daily
visits to the beach and receiving regular back massages.

He is currently the highest paid member of the academy team and this divine character radiates the energy of pure love.



Gaia – Academy CEO

This canine Goddess sits back and rests her regal self on the deck
putting in occasional appearances from time to time in the office to
check up on the production manager and Rachelle to make sure they are
doing their work.
She radiates her majestic light out into this world for all to feel and
is available for photo shoots and self improvement tips by appointment


Phone: +61 (0) 415 282 086