New Microgaming Casinos: Best Games


Through the time, High Rollers have become an extremely important category of players for casinos. Such users make huge investments and can easily wage more than $1,000 without any regrets. Thus, various platforms provide excellent support and make all products adapted for such individuals. Therefore, there must be an option to operate with large amounts and to lower limitations. Among numerous entertainments, including slots and tables, whales have strong preferences towards Blackjack.

What Makes Blackjack So Alluring

Certainly, there are many factors which show benefits of playing this particular game online. Undoubtedly, it is a really old amusement which has been famous for decades even in land-based form. Additionally, there are understandable rules and high payout rates. Moreover, Blackjack includes a number of variations which modify rules and, subsequently, change RTP percentage. Furthermore, a consumer can wage different sums to multiply winnings.

Simple Rules

Basically, an instruction explaining the gaming process includes only few main points. Firstly, the goal is to gather 21 but even with a lower figure people frequently win. Secondly, the value of cards differs. Aces constitute 1 or 11, face cards have always 10 and other – according to the nominal. Thirdly, there are only 5 moves which an individual can choose among the offered options. Thus, knowing only these elements can be enough for beginners.

Multiple Variations

The number of actual variations is incredible and already exceeds 100. Certainly, majority is not known and only locally used. Nevertheless, there are many famous types, including Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Crazy, European, Pontoon, Perfect Pairs, Progressive, Vegas Strip, Classic, Atlantic City and Multi-hand. They all have distinctive features and potential player’s moves, separate number of RTP/HE, applied strategies, dealer’s hand and other factors.

Bet Alternatives

Certainly, High Rollers are more valuable users. Casinos treat them better and provide exceptional offers. There is no common upper restriction imposed for “21”. This figure depends on software providers, a variation of this entertainment and even on casinos. Usually, such number may reach $1,000-$1,500 or much higher. Moreover, rules also permit increasing/decreasing the initial bet at later stages, taking into account various player’s decisions. Significantly, there are 4 main actions for an individual to choose from: stand (nothing to do), hit (take one card), double (twice increasing a bet), split (make two hands) and, sometimes, surrender (safe half of the initial wage).



This feature shows how much money whales can obtain by playing their favorite amusement. In practice, it takes $100 spent for wages and indicates the cash amount would averagely be gained back in percentage. This number always depends on many factors, such as the chosen strategy or accepting special offers from a casino. Notwithstanding, an element which makes the main difference is the game variation. For instance, a Classic Blackjack grants 99.44% (so, $99.44 back from $100), European – 99.61% and Switch shows unbelievable 99.84%.

House Edge

Alternatively, a gambling platform may show High Rollers another character which determines the actual profit of a casino. Simpler, this factor is absolutely opposite to the above-mentioned and usually does not indicate more than 5%. For example, Spanish 21 varies between 0.38-0.78%, depending on the strategy, Multi-hand – 0.63%, Perfect Pairs has 0.42%, Pontoon – 0.38%, Super 21 possess diverse numbers from 1,16% to 1.2% and for Face Up 21 HE constitutes 0.61%. Thus, for all types, this amount is really nice, what attracts people to try all.

Blackjack on Desktop, Mobile or Both?

Various casinos from major software providers allow whales to gamble from diverse types of devices. There are special mobile applications in main OS, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. Moreover, some platforms authorize running an instant mode which is equally accessible from phones or computers. Ordinarily, such users, as many other consumers, can always download a program on their laptop/PC and enjoy Blackjack on bigger screens. Significantly, an individual shall create only one account. Subsequently, all personal information, activity history, balance and other features will be available on different items.


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