Crystals Book


Crystals brings a fresh approach to the study of these magnificent stones by providing step by step instructions on how to work and connect to their healing energies and powerful medicine.

This book inspires you to invoke and create your own experiences with crystals. Gain insight and learn how to facilitate your own healing, and record your feelings to experience the crystal energy for yourself. There are over 140 beautiful colour photographs with instructions on how to connect with each crystal and sections where you can record your experience.

Crystals also includes many case studies and stories from students and teachers of The Academy of Crystal Awakening. They share how crystals have assisted them in healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

What are people saying about Rachelle and her dynamic book Crystals…

“Rachelle’s passion for healing and the mineral kingdom shine through her beautiful meditations and gemstone communications. She has written a well rounded guide to help anyone begin on their gemstone journey.”

Naisha Ahsian – The book of stones

“When I first met Rachelle I knew I was in the presence of a very special spiritual person. Her energy is pure and her honesty and sincerity shine through like a beacon which attracts people to her. It is her nature to help others and her destiny to display her gifts in this world. Rachelle has many great abilities and spiritual virtues that she shares with her students on the spiritual path.”

Gordon Smith – Author and the UK’s most accurate medium



The new wisdom from the Crystal Kingdom has arrived! Allow your heart to open and your spirit to fly as you are guided on a deep personal journey of transformation and healing. This book inspires you to invoke and create your own experiences with crystals.

A Crystal reference guide complete with physical characteristics, related chakras and crystal meanings; plus a worksheet to record your own personal experience with each stone.


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