“Rachelle, The Crystal Shamanism Retreat held in Gunnebah in November was one of deep transition for myself. A honour to be on Sacred Aboriginal Women’s Land, working collectively within the group, integrating new techniques from previously studying with you was Magical to say the least. Journeying deeply into Crystal Shamanism with you holding such a safe and sacred space for us to heal our inner and outer worlds, with the support of the Crystal Kingdom is one I’ll never forget. Drum making got me through many inner blocks that were holding me back allowing me to step up into my truth with integrity. To feel the Spirit Of the Land calling so clearly was truly amazing and the experience shared ran so deep connecting me with so many beautiful souls with hearts wide open. Everything was perfect and the food incredible. I’m now sharing this healing in my personal practice and I thank you for the continued support.

– Rachael Simari, Melbourne

“I have been to many workshops in my days, but, I have to admit yours was wonderful, your knowledge of the crystals is outstanding, your commentary is astounding, your satire is beautiful, you are indeed a pleasure to walk among. I cannot speak for the others, but, I saw on their faces, and like myself, we did not want the day to end.. Reiterating, on your performance of facilitating the workshop, I can deeply and honestly say, you are the very best facilitator that I have ever had the pleasure to come across.

I would most highly recommend you and your workshop to anyone and everyone, the energy that was generated during the whole day was unbelievable, but highly invigorating to say the least, and most of all very, very HEALING. Bring on your next workshop”.

Keith McIntosh, Reiki Master

I have had the pleasure of being not only a student, but now a teacher and assistant to Rachelle and The Academy of Crystal Awakening for quite some time. The way Rachelle manages and runs her Academy and workshops is with outstanding professionalism; that she really deserves to be honoured for all her hard work.

Rachelle’s workshops, her humbleness, compassion and pure love for all she shares have not only created an environment for myself to experience profound healing; but I have personally witnessed the enlightening moments other students have experienced as well.

She empowers you to find your own light, follow your own path and connect deeply to your own soul with her knowledge and energies of the crystals and Shamanic teachings.

Rachelle gives you powerful tools of healing to empower you to help yourself and if you choose to, assist others. I am honoured and proud to be part of the Academy’s Team which has always felt more like my crystal family. Rachelle’s workshops and retreats are definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Rachelle’s heart just shines with pure love for the Earth, the Crystals, the Animal Kingdom and her Soul Brothers & Sisters.

– Bobbie Powe, WA

Rachelle’s website says “Transformational Retreats” and that’s exactly what they are. I have attended 3 retreats and they were truly life changing experiences.
Rachelle’s knowledge of crystals is amazing. She provides a safe and secure space to journey deeply. I have connected to my crystals on a deeper level now and have become a crystal healer and Cannot recommend highly enough.  I personally cannot wait to attend another retreat.
– Irene Charalambidis, VIC

“I recently had the good fortune to attend some of Rachelle’s workshops on Crystal Healing and Shamanism. Rachelle imparts her ancient wisdom and teachings with sensitivity and reverence. She is a true Storyteller and entertains us with her amazing, real life experiences. She nurtures her students with an empathetic and loving heart and encourages us to bravely tread our own path to healing and transformation. Above all, she provides a learning environment infused with fun, laughter and happiness. You can’t help feeling lighter in your heart, stronger in your purpose and closer to the Truth after a workshop with Rachelle! Thank you for your many blessings.”

Karen, SA

“What can I say about the Crystal Awakening workshop… MAGNIFICENT!!!! Thank you so much.

On attending your workshop I feel like I have woken up. Throughout the day of the workshop I felt as though I was taking a step up or if a barrier was being dissolved. (Thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone).

I feel so honored to have been able to meet you and share time with you. You truly are an inspiration and I wish you all the best on your journey and for your Academy.”
– Jodie



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